Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paradox ~ 1992

 Fate beats at my soul
     with night-dark wings
As ravens circle
    the red death of Heart's corruption

Sliding, my mind falls
     into the abyss of night
And light fades from me
     as I fall into the grip of despair

My being cries out
     for succor from the blackness
That surrounds me
    and foul wins tear me
From my unstable perch of sanity

Where is the reason, the hope
    that will save my soul from terror
Where lies the meaning
     that will bring my essence back into light

In me, flickers the candle
     that holds sanity, life, and hope
In me, the only help
     to bring me back from the abyss

I lie in the midst of Paradox
     and tremble.

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